Hostgator is scary!

Hostgator just published excerpts from an internal company email:

I’m temporarily taking away the lunch list and inviting everyone in both Austin as well as Houston to free lunches regardless of numbers, ratings, tardiness or absences. I’m going to think about making this a permanent change, but am not ready to make this decision just quite yet.

You are all allowed to personal browse, respond quickly to a text message, and, in general, have more fun. Those who are doing this will not be written up, or punished in any shape or form.

So this tells me that Hostgator believes it staff behave like irresponsible children who have to be given punishments and rewards to keep them in line.  In other words, people work best when they are scared.

I don’t buy that.  A good company inspires its staff so much that it doesn’t have to manipulate their behaviour.  There is no problem with “numbers, ratings, tardiness or absences” because people love working there.  Zappos apparently offers every new employee $3,000 to quit after their first week, and almost nobody takes it.

The more comfortable people feel, the better they can do creative work.  The more at home they feel, the more they want to do a good job so as not to let everyone else down. Motivating people with fear just encourages them to do the minimum and not take risks.

6 thoughts on “Hostgator is scary!”

  1. I understand what you are saying pete, but I do not think that is the best route for all companies. I do believe that for some companies, it is great to have a very relaxed and laid back working environment, but for other industries that simply does not work.

    Could you imagine if that was how most labor industries were run? Nothing would get done. I work at HostGator, and personally I am worried about these changes. Sure, I enjoy them but I almost just know that there are going to be a few co-workers who take advantage of this and ruin it.

    I for one do not agree with removing the lunch list as it should be something you strive for, not something just given to you for doing mediocre work.

    I believe the changes that were enacted should only be for employees that consistently hit their numbers/quota. Why should non-productive employees benefit from productive employees?

    Also, I read up on and ORIGINALLY they only offered $100 for new employees to quit, not $3,000. Most companies would go broke if they started a program such as that. Notice they only increased the money to $3,000 after they noticed that pretty much nobody takes them up on their offer. I guarantee you that there are people that would take advantage of that the moment they found it.

  2. We know morale is low, and we know that many of you are unhappy with the status quo. Treating adults like little children is never good for morale. No cookie for Brent Oxley. Bad boy, shame on you.

    I wonder if the new president, Lance Custen, of Hostgator is not going to get a cookie either. It looks like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar in a different way.

  3. I used to work for a Fortune 500 company that prided itself on giving as much as possible to the employee. Salary, freedom, perks, parties, etc… The CEO and president was adamant about creating a corporate culture where people had fun and were happy.

    He figured that the employees would work 3 times as hard for his company – and he was right. It worked and still works. In all my years, I never worked at a place where people just didnt say a bad thing about the place. And the retention rate was extremely high. Many people just did not leave.

  4. is NOT good company. Lance needs to fired, Brent needs to learn how to be a president of his company and the company and it’s supervisors needs to be sued. I have video of when the company was hacked and the company covered it up!!!

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